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Three Waters Reserve is supported by partners that include a broad community of neighbors, donors, and volunteers.  Following are the core partners who play a key role in the everyday operations of the Reserve:

Southern Wisconsin Land Conservancy is a not-for-profit land trust organization based in Juda Wisconsin, dedicated to assisting landowners in protecting wild and working lands in southern Wisconsin.  SWLC and its Board of Directors own and manage the Three Waters Reserve.  SWLC works with donors to create an endowment to ensure the long-term management and protection of the restored natural landscapes of TWR are there for the benefit of the environment and for the enjoyment of citizens into the future.



Lower Sugar River Watershed Association is a not-for-profit conservation organization based in Brodhead Wisconsin, dedicated to the care and enjoyment of our water resources, and to empowering citizens with experience and knowledge to steward land and water resources in the Lower Sugar River Watershed.


LSRWA develops and administers the science and educational programming for the Three Waters Reserve Field Station.


Riemer Family Farm is a local producer and marketer of pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb, and poultry on their 4th Generation Family Farm in Brodhead Wisconsin.  The Riemer Family is committed to regenerative practices like rotational grazing, no-till, and cover crops that build healthy soils, protect water, and produce healthy nutrient-dense food for their customers. 

Riemer Family Farm products are served at Three Waters Reserve, where Jen Riemer is the Coordinator of Chefs, Food, and Farms.


Mad Charlie’s Cafe is a family-owned bistro and coffee shop located in Monroe Wisconsin, featuring locally produced ingredients and menus designed and prepared by Chef Annie George and Mollie George, with partners Debbie George and Charlotte.  

Chef Annie George is Chief Chef overseeing menus, kitchen operations, and food service at Three Waters Reserve.  Mollie George is Director of Bar Services. 

Dominic DeSano is an apiarist, owner of Melovation Bee Company, and producer of Domeloz, a unique locally distilled spirit. The beverage is made from honey following sustainable land practices that support and protect bees and the environment.  Honey production near the Reserve utilizes hives designed and constructed on-site by DeSano and Melovation Bee Company.


Domeloz is a featured spirit served at the Reserve for special events.

Applied Ecological Services

Protecting and restoring the ecological health of our natural environment is an obligation we all share. Applying sound, scientific knowledge to land-use decisions is required to provide practical solutions that strike a favorable balance between ecological sustainability, community needs, and cost efficiencies.

Applied Ecological Services consulting and construction professionals offer comprehensive, integrated expertise in ecological science, natural area restoration, geospatial services, engineering, and landscape architecture.